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The Ultimate Starting Guide

The Ultimate Starting Guide

Do you wish you had better starts?  Let Steve teach you how to become an excellent sailboat racing starter in this one hour three part series with his easy to understand A through Z fully comprehensive starting lesson. He teaches the basic fundamentals of starting which are imperative, for all sailors, including many tips and tricks to increase your starting percentage and beat those around you for a successful race.

Starting well in sailboat racing is the most random part of the race and also the most important part by far. Getting a great start makes tactics much easier as the race course opens up after a great start. Learn processes and scenario based moves to help you increase your starting percentage, reducing the randomness and control your own destiny. You will also learn how to defend your hole, how to win the pin, how to win the boat, and many more tips and tricks. 

Tackling this important skill will allow you to win regattas more consistently. This is a must learn topic for any sailboat racer.

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The Ultimate Starting Guide



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