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Tactics and Strategy

Tactics and Strategy

Do you wish you went the right way more?  Are your “race course decisions” solid and almost always correct?  If you wish you had better Strategy and Tactics let Steve help you by teaching you the fundamentals of sailboat racing decision making, along with higher level techniques to improve your results.  Steve is a 3x World Champion professional tactician having won and coached over 35 major championships. In this comprehensive 90 minute three part series let Steve explain Tactics and Strategy to you in an easy to understand way that encompasses years of practice and high school coaching along with having read every sailing textbook he can get his hands on. Steve’s unique speaking and coaching style simplifes a complicated topic and you will walk away with a much better understanding of what to focus on before and most importantly during the race. There is a reason Steve’s students have won more championships than anyone else and that’s from his easy to understand and simpli cation of sailboat racing. Buy Strategy and Tactics now to improve your positioning on the race course. 

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Tactics and Strategy



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