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Teaching Team Racing

Teaching Team Racing

Do you ever feel lost while team racing wondering what you should be doing? Are you new to team racing and have no idea what’s going on?  Team racing can be super fun, and also confusing and stressful until you get the hang of it.  Let Steve help you in this 43 minute lesson!  Learn the fundamentals of three vs three team racing with actual footage from the Hinman, Team Racing National Championship, in San Diego. Steve teaches the basic fundamentals of team racing, the winning combos, how to handle each play and much more like starting techniques along with high level interviews from Team Racing World Champion Tim Wadlow.

This is an all inclusive team racing video perfect for newer and intermediate team racers. Many high school, college and yacht club teams watch this video at the beginning of each team racing season to kick off their training. The starting portion of this video has received over 8,000 views on YouTube and will help your fleet racing starting as well. Don’t miss out on this first class team racing instructional video!

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Teaching Team Racing



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