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The Winning Mind

The Winning Mind

Napoleon Hill:  “You either control your mind or it controls you.”

Do you ever have issues staying positive?  Can you easily bounce back from an error and focus on the task at hand?  How do you do after a bad race or two?  Do you control your thoughts, keeping them positive, and visualize doing well?  Let Steve help you solve and improve on these issues in his most popular lesson which spans all sailing classes and all areas of life for sailors and athletes. In this 40 minute lesson he teaches the power of controlling your thoughts to be more successful, how to successfully control your thoughts, and the power of positive self talk and visualization. Steve has studied the topic for decades and put the techniques into practice in his own life to win sailing championships, be happier, less stressed, and be more successful.

Many sports psychologists speak on this topic from a dry text book point of view. Steve comes from a practical, been there and done that, mindset sharing real life stories and practices that keep audiences engaged and allow them to take action immediately.

You will walk away from this lesson with a new view on life, super motivated, and excited about the power you possess to succeed in any endeavor. Feedback from this speech is off the charts.

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The Winning Mind



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