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Written by Steve:

Lessons of the Sabot Dinghy

Jumping into the quirky Sabot dinghy, pro sailor, Steve Hunt wrote himself a playbook that will work for learning the nuances of any boat.

How to Win Your Next Race

The bigger the fleet, the harder it can be to score consistent top finishes, but a couple of young 420 aces show how it can be done.

how to see wind on the water when sailing

When spotting the wind and calling tactics, visualize where you have to put your boat to get into the puff or wind line.

Sportboat wing-on-wing guide

Wing-on-wing spinnaker sailing in sportboats has become an essential technique in the tactical toolbox, but like most things, there's a proper time and place to use it.

Fun and Easy Learning!

Learn the Most Important Fundamentals of Sailboat Racing from Coach Steve using a sailing video game as the medium.
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