Please email speaking@stevehuntsailing.com to inquire about booking Steve Hunt to speak at your event.

Engagements range from intimate fireside chats, to sailing clinics, to yacht club and corporate events to global audiences of 1000 or more. He is also happy to present on zoom for groups anywhere in the world.

Steve has lectured his sailors for over 30 years, including six times a week for the last 20 years coaching Point Loma High School Sailing Team to a record setting 11 National Championships.

Steve studies coaching and influence and has mastered the art of simplifying complicated topics in a fun and engaging speaking style using video and media to keep it interesting. Steve has been the keynote speaker at many clinics and yacht clubs around North America, as well as specific talks for the US and Canadian Olympic Sailing Teams. Steve is a racing editor for Sailing World magazine and has written over 30 articles spanning two decades. He is comfortable speaking on any topic sailing related, and can answer questions easily on the fly.

He is also acclaimed for his Winning Mind speech that helps viewers become more successful at any endeavor. Yacht clubs and Corporations alike have enjoyed the Winning Mind speech that leaves audiences excited and motivated to have more success and happiness. Book Steve now for your next event.

The Winning Mind

Steve’s most popular speech spans all sailing classes and all areas of life for sailors and corporate events. He teaches the power of controlling your thoughts to be more successful, how to successfully control your thoughts, and the power of positive self talk and visualization. Having studied the topic for decades and put the techniques into practice in his own life to win sailing championships, create wealth, and be more successful at everything, Steve comes from a practical, been there and done that, mindset sharing real life stories to keep audiences engaged. Many sports psychologists speak on this topic from a dry text book point of view. What makes Steve’s speech more fun and relatable are his real life stories of how to apply the techniques in real time. Your audience will walk away from this speech with a new view on life super motivated and excited about the power they possess to succeed in any endeavor. Feedback from this speech are off the charts.

High Level Starting

Let Steve teach you how to become an excellent sailboat racing starter with his easy to understand A through Z fully comprehensive starting speech. He teaches the basic fundamentals of starting which are imperative, for all sailors, including many tips and tricks to increase your starting percentage and beat those around you for a successful race. Starting well in sailboat racing is the most random part of the race and also the most important part by far. Learn processes and scenario based moves to help increase your starting percentage, reducing the randomness and controlling your own destiny. Tackling this important skill will allow you to win regattas more consistently. This is a must learn topic for any sailboat racer.

Strategy and Tactics

Steve is a professional tactician having won and coached over 35 major championships. Let Steve explain Strategy and Tactics to your group in an easy to understand way that encompasses years of practice and high school coaching along with having read every sailing textbook he can get his hands on. Steve’s unique speaking and coaching style simplifies a complicated topic and you will walk away with a much better understanding of what to focus on before and most importantly during the race. There is a reason Steve’s students have won more championships than anyone else and that’s from his easy to understand and simplification of sailboat racing.  Contact him now to book a speaking slot and take your group to the next level.

Sailing Boat Speed

Book Steve to learn how to make a sailboat go super fast, which is his number one strength in racing. Do you win after a good start? Do you constantly pass boats when behind? Do things just seem to work out around the race course? If you are fast they do! If you are slow it’s painful and you have little hope. At the end of the day, a sailboat race is an actual race just like a sprint, marathon or horse race, and with that typically the fastest boat wins. Strategy, Tactics and Starting can be hard to nail 100% of the time, but boat speed is directly under your control and imperative to success! In sailing we have to control the controllable and as they say, Speed Kills! Let Steve teach you the fundamentals of making any boat go fast and start enjoying more success on the water.

Custom Topics

Steve has spoken on everything under the sun regarding sailboat racing. Reach out to him for a custom speech to help take your sailors to the next level. Steve can speak on Zoom to your group as well if travel is a challenge.

Book Steve now by emailing speaking@stevehuntsailing.com !