Student and Parent


Dear Steve, Thank you so much for all your help over the last year and a half. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude, not only for your recommendation, which made all the difference in the world, but also for how much you have taught me about sailing. Even though the global pandemic brought many challenges, getting to work with you was most definitely the silver lining. Out of all the coaches I have worked with, you are my favorite. I have never met a coach as patient and understanding, yet still so passionate about sailing. You gave me the mindset that there is always more to learn and always ways to improve. I will forever be thankful of all you have done for me. I wish you the best.
Harvard class of 26, High School and 420 Champion

Steve has been my coach for the past 2 years and is undoubtedly one of the best coaches I have ever been coached by.

From his expertise, precision, passion, dedication and overall attitude for all aspects of sailing, I have been extremely fortunate to learn from Steve. His ability to explain and communicate topics, thoughts and even ideas in an easy to understand and easy to implement way is the reason why everyone that Steve coaches is unbeatable on and off the water.

One of the many aspects of Steve’s coaching philosophy that sets him apart from other high level coaches is his commitment to every single sailor he coaches. He is always happy to hear what I am up-to and always willing to offer advice long after an event has finished.

Steve posses the qualities, sailing skills, support and guidance that every aspiring sailor needs on and off the water and this is why I highly recommend Steve. He is always willing to answer questions, provide crucial feedback and most importantly always listen. Steve’s commitment to his sailors and passion for sailing is why I cannot recommend him enough.

FJ National Champion, Canadian Collegiate Crew of the Year 2023

Steve Hunt is the real deal. I have sailed with him and against him for 15 years. Not only are his strategic, tactical, and boat speed skills outstanding, but he is also a natural teacher. He explains things in ways that everyone can understand. There is a reason he has been part of so many world and national championships. And Steve’s talent and communication skills are the reason that Savasana often seeks him out as a training partner. Steve has my unqualified endorsement.

J/70, J/80, Lightning Champion, Harvard Graduate
Thank you for everything Steve, you truly are one of the best coaches in the world. You are an instrumental factor in my success.
3x High School National Champion
Coach, I have a lot of things to say and not much space to say it. So Thank You for being the best role model anyone can ask for and I’ll miss you and the other coaches.
3x High School National Champion
Thank you for being an amazing coach and pushing me to be better.
High School National Champion, Valedictorian, Yale class of 25
Coach, Over the past five years you have given me crucial advice, confidence I never had before, and yeah…3 National Championships. Thank you for everything!
3x High School National Champion, Robotics World Champion
Thank you for not only being the best coach in the U.S., but a great person as well.
US Youth Champion, Youth World Bronze Medalist
Steve, You are an amazing coach. I can’t wait for 3 more years with you.
Merchant Marine Academy class of 26
Kathi said she learned as much with you in one day as she had her entire sailing career! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful coach and teacher!
Christine and Tim
As parents, we appreciate the priorities Steve sets:  family first, school second and the sailing team third.  His dedication to development is what has grown our team from 18 sailors when he began to now the largest team in the West at 34+ registered sailors. The impressive results for 2012 speak for themselves, but the most prestigious achievements came when his teams won BOTH major national titles in the same year – the Mallory and Baker trophy’s.  His varsity team won every regatta they attended, and the JV1 team was consistently in the top 4, showcasing his ability to develop depth of talent.  The San Diego Yacht Club recently recognized the team’s ability to work together by awarding them the America³ Teamwork Trophy at their annual awards dinner.  The list of strong sailors coming from his program is staggering.  Two recent graduates were ranked as the #1 Match Racing Team in the United States, and both of these sailors were recently selected to race on the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup as Oracle Team USA.  This past summer a PLHS sailor won the 72 boat CFJ Nationals and another won the 32 boat C420 Nationals.  The current PLHS Team Captain was recently named the San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs Junior Yachtsman of the Year, awarded for a combination of results, citizenship, and integrity.
PLHS Parents

Being a world class sailor and an amazing coach, Steve has an enormous wealth of knowledge and wisdom to offer to our youth sailors in an all rounded fashion, from the smallest detail of boat handling, to the biggest picture of a professional sportsperson mindset. His exceptional organization and communication skills are also key in engaging the young active minds. With a rare combination of his great talent, professionalism and passion in sailing, yet very humble and down to earth personality, he is a perfect role model for the youth to establish discipline and a growth mindset towards high level sailing and other areas that they pursue in excellence. 

I couldn’t speak highly enough about Coach Steve. He is such a gentle soul who cares deeply for his sailors, always encouraging, always nurturing. Steve is definitely Dylan’s go to mentor!

I had the pleasure of working with Steve for a year and observed him apply the same level of professionalism in his coaching that has made him one of the most sought-after pro-sailors in the world. For the last 20 years he has been perfecting how to communicate the knowledge and strategies that helped him win 3 world championships, and this has resulted in Steve becoming the most successful high school sailing coach in history. In addition to his talent as a sailor and communicator, Steve is a true leader who repeatedly forges respectful, hardworking, and focused team cultures where his athletes flourish, their potential is cultivated and lifelong friendships are made.
Youth Coach, 7x High School National Champion, Entrepreneur